Tech@State Videos and Recap

Engaging discussions

After much preparation and planning, Tech@state came together last Friday and Saturday, bringing together some of the top thinkers and doers on the subject of election technology. The collaboration between the State Department and NDI featured not only the latest and greatest use cases but in depth discussion on how to ensure that technology supports organizations and processes in place.  You can still see much of the conversations that occurred on Twitter via #techatstate. For those of you that missed the event, a number of the videos are available below for today's Monday Round Up:

First, watch the opening remarks from Suzanne Philion (beginning of video), Spencer Overton (1:59), and Daniel Baer (9:18). The video also includes the Keynote address by Robin Carnahan (22:01) :



Watch Alan Rosenblatt, Adam Conner, Mindy Finn, Matt Lira, Michael Slaby, and Samantha Smith discuss the recent elections and the digital strategies that were used:



The next panel brought into focus current trends in international elections, featuring NDI's Patrick Merloe, as well as Susan Hyde, Catie Lott, Alex Sutton, and Chad Vickory:



One of the afternoon breakout sessions featured NDI's Michael McNulty, alongside Michael Alvarez, Doug Chapin, Ben Goldsmith, and Dan Nolan as they discussed the implications of electronic voting:



Discussing the uses of mobile in elections, a second breakout session featured NDItech's own rock stars Katrin Verclas and Chris Doten as well as James Long and Catherine Bracy



Finally, the first day closed out with Andrew Rasiej from Personal Democracy Media: