More than a Like: Creating Facebook Pages with Impact

A Guide with Impact

While creating a Facebook page or group may be easy, maintaining and gaining meaningful impact can be difficult. The folks at Social Media Exchange (SMEX) recently published "Creating Facebook Pages with Impact: A Guide for Arab Civil Society Organizations", which breaks down several important components of a successful Facebook-based campaign or initiative. The main audience for this guide is MENA region-based organizations (Arabic language guide is here), but there are several lessons that can be applied to other regions where Facebook is the most popular social media platform. 

The topics include:

  • Get to Know Facebook & Get Inspired
  • Lay Your Foundation
  • Assemble Your Team
  • Pinpoint Your Destination & Identify Who Can Help You Get There
  • Plan and Produce Your Content
  • Develop Interaction Guidelines
  • Publish & Promote Your Page
  • Monitor Your Page Performance with Insights
  • Survey Your Success, Tweak, and Do It All Over Again
  • 6 Tips For a Secure Facebook Page

I personally like the tips to keep your Facebook Page secure, which are important considerations especially when working in a difficult environment. Another favorite is the explanation behind Insights, Facebook's analytics system, to help you understand the reach of your Facebook Page beyond just "likes". Whether you're just starting a Facebook group or are looking to pick up some new tips, this is a very useful resource to help strengthen your work.