Caption: Noble Ackerson

Hello World!

From startups to innovating for democracies

In 2009 a startup I co-founded worked with International Business & Technical Consultants Inc. on technology-related projects that met the development assistance needs of emerging markets. I considered the following four years as one of my most rewarding career experiences. I left my work at IBTCI to pursue a product idea I had, built an award winning team,

and headed out west to Northern California to join the Momentum Ventures Accelerator to bootstrap my startup.

Throughout the years, I still got drawn to global impact work. I mentored many startup founders and found myself more engaged with solutions that tackled problems around democracy and technology. When a mentee forwarded some elections work NDI was doing with the Ghana elections, I was hooked. I do, after all, have a direct connection to Ghana.

My ancestral home in the Western Region of Ghana

As a product manager for a bit over a decade now, my main charter has been to systematically turn ideas into sustainable businesses. I’ve done so working with Startups, and large organizations. The National Democratic Institutes’ scale and focus presents a new industry to challenge my approach to leading product.

I’m confident my experience learning from my mentoring founders, product leads and my speaking engagements as a Google Developers Expert for Product Strategy will empower me to be a great fit.

It is my delight to be a part of the NDI Technology team and empower under-resourced organizations around the world with the product strategy needed to shape their societies through effective technology and open internet initiatives.

To my new team at NDI, a snippet from my leadership compass:

  • I will continuously find the right problem to solve, and validate we've created a winning solution for our partners, regional teams, and users.
  • I will be data driven and will inspire you to map our assumptions with quantitative information.
  • I will be your honest advocate.
  • I will be open and transparent with information.
  • I will give you clear feedback, direction, and coaching when you ask.‚Äč

Together with this talented team, I know I will be inspired to do my best work yet.