Hello, World!

Hello, World!

My name is Andie Arnold, and I am joining the NDItech team as the newest Project Assistant. A native of the Washington, DC area, I am excited to be back in the city helping to contribute my love of politics to advancing global democracy. I graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Political Science in 2015, and I have spent the past year working in local politics and digital marketing analytics while trying to navigate adulthood and DC public transit.

I have been heavily involved in state and local government affairs and I look forward to transferring my experience to the global stage. During my undergraduate career I worked on several local, congressional, and senatorial campaigns as a field fellow, helping to engage voters in the democratic process - all while relying on technology to do so. Modern election efforts are dependent on database access, mobile phones, geospatial mapping, and other resources  to effectively campaign for and ultimately elect government officials. Expanding access to these resources will have a positive impact most all political atmospheres, allowing for greater government transparency, the ability for parties to interact with their constituents, and giving voters access to information at the touch of a button. It is this experience that lead me to NDI, where I hope to broaden my horizons and learn more about how governments are using technology to interact with their citizens.

Engaged citizenship comes at the intersection of technology and democracy, and I am looking forward to building on my political foundation with the NDItech team!