Hello, World (and all who inhabit it)

Hello, World (and all who inhabit it)
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Greetings, citizens of Earth! I must inform you that I am Jonathan and am the newest addition to NDItech’s stellar ICT team. In May, I graduated from Purdue University in political science and spent most of my summer managing a canvassing office in DC for a clean water campaign. I’m very excited for this new phase in my life and to serve as a project assistant for ICT.

My interest in politics first emerged with my mom, teachers, and neighbors telling me I should be president at the age of six and has only grown ever since, just like me (I’m extremely tall). In my life so far, I have worked on campaigns and advocacy of all kinds, founded and led initiatives to improve my communities, and developed a keen eye for innovation. After following the Arab Spring in 2011 for my extemporaneous speaking squad, I knew technology would only play an increasingly vital role in the political world and am ecstatic to help democracies flourish with its application.

I worked in IT for two years and understand its complexity, so I’ll be working on making the technology accessible and viable for its users during my time with NDI. Here’s to democracy!