NDI Launches Latest Version of the ICT Program Officer

NDI Launches Latest Version of the ICT Program Officer

This is my second week as a new Program Officer on the NDItech team.  I am excited to begin my time here and contribute to the team’s impressive array of work.

Looking ahead, I’m eager to work internally with NDI staff and externally with partner organizations to innovate new tools, strengthen mission-relevant activities in the field, and scale impacts already seen by technological programs that support democracy and the development of democratic institutions. To that end, I bring extensive knowledge of intergroup dynamics and dialogue facilitation, having a master’s degree in international negotiations, as well as a strong background in civic organizing and technology development. I’ve worked with two startups and enjoy a fast-paced, think-big approach to developing ideas: this is good as the NDItech team is thinking large and working rapidly on the execution of their DemTools initiative,  while incubating cutting-edge ideas around program execution and learning.

I plan on being a regular contributor here and writing on program developments as well as my personal tech interests which include localization, privacy and security, and data analysis. In my free time I enjoy water and alpine sports and bake an excellent apple pie. Stay tuned.