Open Internet for Democracy Initiative

Building a network of open internet advocates who champion democratic values for the internet
Open Internet for Democracy Initiative

The Open Internet for Democracy Initiative - a collaboration between the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), the National Democratic Institute (NDI), and the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) - aims to create and sustain a network for open internet advocates to help shape the future of the development of the internet. 

We do this in part through our Leaders program, an eight-month non-resident leadership program that empowers emerging leaders from across the globe to build their advocacy and organizing skills to protect internet freedom.

The Initiative has also created a useful resource for open internet advocates, our Advocacy Playbook. The initial draft of this Playbook was developed by the 2018 Open Internet for Democracy Leaders - digital rights advocates from six countries - as part of an effort to help their peers learn from the experiences of others. Their experiences demonstrate that the determination to preserve an inclusive, open internet for civic and economic opportunity exists around the world, despite authoritarian governments, limited tech awareness, or low internet penetration. The Playbook includes ideas and recommendations for the advocates of digital freedoms, focusing on tailored approaches to advocacy that apply across diverse local contexts.

The Advocacy Playbook was built around the Democratic Principles for an Open Internet, which serve as a framework for advocacy. The Principles have been primarily designed for citizens and civil society organizations in fragile and emerging democracies, who are new to the digital rights space, are beginning to engage more regularly online, and who may be more likely to encounter deliberate internet disruptions as a result of government interference.

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