Evan Summers | May 22, 2018
Talking transparency and accountability with civic innovators across Latin America and the Balkans
Hard at work at a computer in Zambia
Chris Doten | August 24, 2017
How can one do software development right if you're not a software development shop?
NDI Tech | May 5, 2017
Through the FixMyCommunity platform, citizens and officials in Kosovo have a new way to solve local problems
DemTools: Cultivating Democracy
Christine Schoellhorn | November 25, 2015
Join NDI for a conversation on how technology is transforming global politics and the launch of DemTools 2.0
DemTools 2.0 Logo - Cultivating Democracy
Chris Doten | November 17, 2015
NDItech is launching the next generation of DemTools-webapps for global civil society & political institutions
Empowers citizens to flag problems in their communities or to rally the public around unaddressed issues