Technology Resolutions For The Year 2020

What The Team is Saying
New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is usually fraught with hope and optimism. It is also a time to come up with new names for new habits, with the hope that by discipline and dedication, growth will occur.

After two-weeks of introspection, by the Technology and Innovation team, here is a compilation of our technology resolution for the year 2020.

What The Team is Saying

Chris Doten: For the year, "I want to wrap my head better around the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. To that end, I intend to code up some small examples myself and ensure that NDI engages in a pilot project applying the potential of machine learning to problems in democracy and governance space."

Jared Ford: "My tech resolution is to be more civic-engaged with others focused on addressing common needs. I'll be looking for more ways to participate in my local community, improve the well-being of my neighborhood, and improve interactions with friends and family. I'll try to be less of a spectator/consumer of the news and media. I am hoping these small changes might help contribute to the improvements in our online discourse and mitigate the onrushing dystopia of the digital world."

Sarah Moulton: My new year’s tech resolution is to increase my “deep work” around technology issues. Specifically, to spend quality time reading the vast quantities of primers, manuals, books, and articles that I pick up throughout the year (and allow to accumulate in unsightly stacks on my desk, perpetually unread).

Matt Bailey: "My tech resolution is to tinker more. Specifically, I want to play with tools like opencv  to understand the specifics of the technology behind some of the trends in surveillance, disinfo, cybersecurity, and consumer tech that will affect democracy."

Kristi Arbogast: "One of my tech resolutions is to cut down my screen time and have real-life books queued up to read so that I don't automatically default to screens during downtime."

Priyal Bhatt: "My tech resolution, is to listen to more podcasts and just generally use technology for more educational purposes."

Daniel Arnaudo: My tech resolution for the year is "Definitely to read more books, and less screen time.

Grace Chimezie: My technology resolution for the year is "to spend more time understanding the role of data in development work, read and write more tech-related articles. Also, to finish my research on "Dialogue in Politics: impact on gender-based political participation."

Jesper Frant: My technology resolution for the year is "to get more comfortable using terminal"

Victoria Welborn: My technology resolution for the year is “Quality, not Quantity.”