Conflict Map
Morgan Frost | February 26, 2016
Technology’s Place in Peace, Security and Democratic Resilience
The Digital Divide
Morgan Frost | February 23, 2016
Still a Chasm in 2016
DemTools launch
Jonathan Goodwin | December 11, 2015
Launched and Ready to Democratize
Jonathan Goodwin | December 4, 2015
Powering Citizen Input and Transparency in Policymaking
Jonathan Goodwin | December 3, 2015
Report Issues to Build a Better Community
Jonathan Goodwin | December 1, 2015
Collect and Manage Data for a Free and Fair Election
Jonathan Goodwin | December 1, 2015
Visualization and Storytelling for Open Data
Jonathan Goodwin | November 27, 2015
Connecting People for Better Organization and Engagement
DemTools: Cultivating Democracy
Christine Schoellhorn | November 25, 2015
Join NDI for a conversation on how technology is transforming global politics and the launch of DemTools 2.0
Jonathan Goodwin | November 25, 2015
Powering Voter Engagement on Topics that Matter
Christine Schoellhorn | November 19, 2015
Kyiv and Chernihiv MP aides trained in strategic planning and communication
Diego Rivera Mural at Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City.
Jared Ford | November 6, 2015
NDItech discusses DemTools for parliamentary openness and electoral accountability with a global audience