Weekly Roundup 1/9

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Happy Monday, Readers! Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled what has become one of the most popular technological gadgets of the decade: the iPhone. An iPod, a telephone, and a miniature computer rolled all into one, the iPhone has been revolutionary. To date, over 1 billion iPhones have been sold, ranging from the original all the way to the 7th generation released this past year.


The iPhone has seen many changes over the years, most recently losing the original headphone jack on the iPhone 7, the latest of the line. Despite the natural criticisms that comes with evolution, this product has been called one of the most profitable tech inventions ever, and is by far the most popular smartphone on the market.


While the iPhone 7 was just debuted a few months ago, there are already rumors about what the next generation of iPhones will hold. It doesn’t seem like Apple is slowing down anytime soon, and their ability to innovate has forever changed the way we view technology companies.


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