Weekly Roundup 6/29/18

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‘Twas the week of blockchain!

Brazil’s central bank unveiled plans to use a blockchain-powered platform for sharing information between financial regulators; South Korea published a blockchain development strategy; and Malta took steps to become the world’s first “Blockchain Island.” These are only a few of the projects included in a list of over 200 applications of blockchain used by governments (as well as for buying and selling CryptoKitties.)

Also this week, the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) released a new guide for civil servants to understand, and also use, blockchain for government services. Soon after, The New York Times published a Dealbook Briefing outlining the history and functions of blockchain, as well as a handy cryptoslang dictionary.  Both reports highlight the potential of blockchain to improve trust in government, facilitate payment transfers, and coordinate services. 
Does this mean that blockchain is a panacea for all problems? Well, maybe not. Both reports highlight that the technology can have powerful applications, it also requires responsible public sector management.

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