Weekly Roundup 6/21/16

Your Weekly Update on Tech, Democracy, & Cool Things

Happy Tuesday, Readers! It is time for your Weekly Roundup. This past week, a coalition comprised of civil rights activists released a new internet policy platform “designed to pressure the 2016 presidential candidates into prioritizing online free speech, access, privacy, and openness”. The platform has been distributed among all of the 2016 Presidential Candidates in hopes that they will emphasize internet freedom and freedom of expression online.

An important engine of political organizing and citizen empowerment, the internet is constantly at risk of losing its freedom. This includes freedom of expression online that is under increasing pressure globally from restrictive regulations and sophisticated, commercially-available surveillance. The lack of internet freedom restricts free speech and prevents the open sharing and collaboration of ideas. NDItech has remained committed to supporting the value of internet freedom because it is the key to free speech, access, privacy, transparency and openness.  


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