Weekly Roundup 8/1/2016

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NDI ILF 2016

Happy August, Readers! We missed you last week and hope you missed us, too. The NDI International Leadership Forum opened Monday, July 25th with addresses by NDI President Ken Wollack, Chairman Secretary Madeleine Albright, and US Representative Nancy Pelosi, among other distinguished speakers. Foreign leaders from around the world gathered together in Philadelphia, which coincided with a historic week for the Democratic National Convention. During this forum, world leaders observe convention proceedings and participate in non-bipartisan discussions surrounding issues about foreign and domestic policy, electoral processes, various organizations, and citizen participation. ILF 2016 reflected upon the implications of political divides, as well as the impact of news and social media and what foreign policies our future may hold.

Similarly to the conversations that occurred through the course of the week, DemTools facilitate virtual dialogues among existing groups. Whether raising awareness about the inequalities that exist between female and male government members or pinpointing the existence of violence against minorities, DemTools is working to strengthen the communication through which democracy can flourish.


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