We're Hiring! NDItech Summer Internship

We're Hiring! NDItech Summer Internship

Are you a tech junkie? Do you believe that politics matters? Do you want to make the world a (ever-so-slightly) better place? Nothing particular going on this summer?

You're in luck. We're hiring.

This paid internship, available immediately, would give you an important role on our little team. If you read our blog you'll get a sense of what we're up to - there's always an interesting mix of work designing and implementing creative, appropriate tech-empowered programs across NDI's 60+ program countries. You'll be in charge of thinking how to apply cutting-edge technology to developing-world problems, testing out tools in our lab, researching what shenanigans autocrats around the world are up to, attending events, blogging right here, managing our social media platforms, setting up happy hours, and more. It only gets overwhelming sometimes.

The NDItech team sits at the intersection of three worlds. We strongly believe that empowering citizens and making government work better matters. We love technology. We care about sustainable international development. A perfect background would bridge  organzing, campaigns, or government, time overseas, and a drive to tinker with tech. We're not expecting you to be a programmer or systems administrator - we need people who can think about how to apply tech to real-world problems in some of the globe's most challenging environments.

Please check out the posting and apply!