How the Tech World is Responding to the Earthquake in Nepal

How the Tech World is Responding to the Earthquake in Nepal

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal last week, many individuals, groups, organizations, and companies have stepped up to provide assistance. Below are a few highlights of tech-related strategies and efforts to improve and expedite the response and ease the suffering of those affected by this natural disaster and others in the future.

  • Apple restarts iTunes Red Cross donations to benefit Nepal earthquake recovery

  • Microsoft responds to Nepal earthquake with free Skype calls

  • Another way to help humanitarian efforts in Nepal: Start Mapping

  • OpenStreetMap allows contributors from around the world to support humanitarian orgs by digitizing data from satellite imagery

  • Google opens its Person Finder tool to aid earthquake relief efforts in Nepal

  • How Facebook and other social media are/can be effective tools for life and death emergencies like the earthquake in Nepal

  • Timeline infographic on how the world is searching about the ‘Helping Nepal

  • Humanitarian Data Exchange’s information on the earthquake and relief efforts

  • USAID’s guide to what you can do to help the response

  • How digital jedis are responding to the Nepal earthquake

  • How to effectively communicate with those affected by the earthquake

  • Kathmandu Living Labs provides portal for submitting/finding on-the-ground info online