It's Election Day in Georgia - Live Data Combined in New Ways

It's Election Day in Georgia - Live Data Combined in New Ways

It's election day in a Georgia where a critical parliamentary election is under way.  Dubbed as "a litmus test of the way democracy works in Georgia" by NATO Secretary General Rasmussen, it is a also a test for election-related real-time data of incidents and results.  NDI has worked with three civil society partners in Georgia on an impressive election portal that records incidents at the polls, showcases historical data from prior elections dating back to 2008, and will be streaming live election data released by the Georgia election commission as soon as it is released.  

The Elections Portal is a joint initiative of non-governmental organizations and NDI, namely the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED), Georgian Young Lawyers' Association (GYLA) and Transparency International - Georgia (TI-Georgia).   Citizens can submit electronic reports about any electoral incident they experience via text messages or on the web, while ISFED is also deploying 1271 accredited and trained observers at precinct, district and central election commission levels who are reporting back to a data headquarters sample-based systematic observations.

Georgia Election Map

These observers will also conduct a parallel vote tabulation.  PVT, as we affectionally call it, is a vote count at a statistically significant number of polling stations to verify the actual election results in a so-called "Quick count."  As election day is nearing its end in Georgia,  follow #gvotes on Twitter as well as see reports coming in on the beautiful Georgia Elections Portal, as well as read IFED's regular statements throughout the day on the conduct of there election here.