Weekly Roundup 8/8/2016

Your Weekly Update on Technology, Democracy, & Cool Things

Happy Monday, Readers! Google Maps is taking the Olympics from sport enthusiasts’ TVs and into their homes - you can now dive into the heart of the favelas of Rio through Beyond the Map. By partnering with media organizations and publishers, such as BBC and YouTube, respectively, Google Maps created a platform for viewers to easily access country profiles and in-depth athlete bios. This initiative further elucidates the complexities of the favelas (often left out of official maps), through the digital mapping tool, Street View. Google’s interactive tour begins with the line, "The favelas are not simply a place — they are a people.”

Across the Atlantic Ocean, the Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG) is observing the 2016 Zambia presidential and National Assembly elections, which take place this Thursday, August 11th. NDItech Senior Program Manager, Chris Doten, is helping monitors with observation technologies, and assisting with final trainings. CCMG is employing the Elections DemTool throughout the process including with observer recruitment, pre-election observation and Election Day monitoring. Using the Elections DemTool will help civil society to increase transparency on the electoral process and reflect the 6.7 million voices that are registered to vote.


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